Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are covered by CARMBA?

The Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association supports families throughout the ACT and surrounding districts including but not limited to Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Gundaroo, Murrumbateman, Yass, Boorowa, Braidwood, Bungendore, Cooma, Jindabyne and the coastal regions of Eurobodalla (Bateman's Bay area including Vincentia) and Sapphire Coast (Bega area including Candelo).

Are monthly meetings open to all members?

Yes. Anyone can attend the monthly general meetings. The more the merrier! It’s a great way to meet people and get involved in the club activities. What can I expect from a meeting? Committee members will give a brief report on how their areas are going and then the meeting is open for general business. The report section of the meeting usually covers events and fundraising.

Can I bring my children to the monthly meetings?

Children are welcome to attend our meeting. However, the meeting room does not have facilities or toys to amuse children.

I am expecting multiples, but they are not born yet. Can I still get involved?

Absolutely! Expectant members are encouraged to get involved with the club early. Expectant members get full club benefits including all meetings, socials, newsletter, and member shopping at the sales. Becoming involved in CARMBA as an expectant parent will help answer questions and alleviate fears about parenting infant multiples. Expectant members are paired with a sunshine contact as a liaison to the club. Monthly discussions and socials are helpful for new and expectant parents too.

Can you help me meet other parents of multiples who live nearby?

Yes! We want you to connect with people who can help you through the hard times, and it's best if they live close and/or have similar situations. Your Area Representative can help you locate other members who live near you, have multiples similar ages, or have pregnancy/parenting issues similar to yours.

Is it possible to join CARMBA mid-year?

Members are accepted year-round. Memberships now expire on the anniversary of date of joining. Concession card holders are eligible for a reduced membership fee.

Do I have to live in Canberra to be a member of CARMBA?

Residency in Canberra is not a requirement of membership. Our members live in the ACT, Queanbeyan and surrounding districts including Yass, Cooma, Jindabyne and parts of the South Coast.

Can my partner join?

Membership to CARMBA is for your partner, children (including older siblings) and you. The organisation values any contributions its members can make, and we love to see both parents get involved.

Do I have to re-apply for membership each year?

Members are expected to re-apply for membership on a yearly basis to confirm their interest and update all of their contact information and membership data. Membership fees are due on a yearly basis and all current members will be sent membership renewal advice.

I belong to another AMBA-affiliated club. Do I have to pay national dues through CARMBA also?

CARMBA is obligated to pay the national fee for everyone that is registered as a member of CARMBA. When you join, CARMBA then pays the national fee from your membership fee. The other option is to become an associate member. Associate members have access to the newsletter, but do not have voting rights and cannot hold a position on the committee. Associate membership needs to be approved by the committee.

What is the New & Expectant Parents’ Information Session and why should I attend?

The New and Expectant Parents’ Information Session is a free service CARMBA provides to members of the community expecting multiples. The event is an invaluable way to learn about the reality of parenting multiples as well as make contacts within the multiples community. The event is held the fourth Monday of every second month at 7:00 PM in Calvary Hospital Education Room, Maternity Floor. Topics will be formatted to your unique needs but may cover the uniqueness of pregnancy with multiples, birth (natural and caesarean), feeding multiples and establishing a routine.

What is HOM?

HOM is an acronym for Higher Order Multiples (HOM). Three of more offspring in one birth is considered a higher order multiple. One of the many benefits of membership to CARMBA is the support of our HOM Liaison and the HOM community. To contact the HOM Liaison please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is the benefit of joining CARMBA?

CARMBA offers a wealth of support and resources to help guide parents of multiples. Services range from maternity clothing to school age multiples advice. One benefit of joining CARMBA is the connection you will make with other parents of multiples.

Does CARMBA offer activities for my children?

CARMBA offers many activities for parents and bubs. There are morning/afternoon teas and playgroups each month. Events are held at locations around Canberra and adjacent areas including people's homes, area parks and playgrounds, children's concerts, indoor children's gyms, nature museums, stroller trails, and perennial favorites such as farms, the zoo, and seasonal festivals. In addition, we hold one large family event each year during Multiple Birth Awareness Week in March. One of the best aspects of CARMBA is the ability of members to host activities.

Are monetary donations to CARMBA tax deductible?

Monetary donations to CARMBA are not tax deductible. Tax deductibility status has been investigated and to date, CARMBA is not eligible.

What keeps CARMBA going?

CARMBA is a volunteer organisation. There is no paid staff. The club is what we make of it. If no one volunteers to chair a particular program, that program ceases to exist. Besides being essential to the club, volunteering is fun and a great way to meet people. Sometimes it can be a great excuse to get away from the kids, an opportunity to feel productive at home, or a way to include the kids and the family. Often, new families of multiples are overwhelmed in the first year or two, but are then able to give back as their multiples get older. To learn more about opportunities to volunteer, participate, and contribute to the club, please email your interests and/or availability.

I would like to talk to someone about CARMBA. Who do I contact?

For general enquiries or assistance please call 0411 883 844 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..