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Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA)

Social Media a Lifeline for Families with Multiples
Multiple Birth Awareness Week – 10-17 March 2013

DATE/TIME: 8 March 2013, 8pm
RELEASE DATE: for immediate release

Canberra and the region's twins and triplets along with their families will be celebrating Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) from 10-17 March 2013. The week aims to raise the profile of the important work done nationally by the Australian Multiple Birth Association and locally by the Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA), which is celebrating 40 years in 2013.

This year's theme is “getting social”.

Discovering you are expecting more than one child can be very daunting. There are the practical challenges of managing a multiple birth, along with the higher than normal medical risks such as birth complications, premature delivery, children with special needs and postnatal depression. These can often be significant and life-long challenges for these families and their local community. However, the joy these children bring to their families far outweighs those risks and challenges.

There is growing evidence that getting involved in a support group such as CARMBA can have real benefits to the mental health and coping skills of parents.

"Times have changed significantly since the first meetings of Canberra's Mothers of Twins Club 40 years ago. Now mothers, fathers and carers have access to a huge network of advice and support through social media", said CARMBA President, Amelia Haddock.

"CARMBA has a very active Facebook group which has become a lifeline to many of the mums and dads living with the joys and challenges of caring for multiples", Ms Haddock said. “Our members are really embracing social media as an everyday tool to celebrate, commiserate and learn from each other’s journeys.”

A number of events will be held in Canberra and the region during the MBAW and details can be found at 

The MBAW celebrations culminate with the biggest event, the Fun Day on Saturday 16 March at Holt Community Hub from 2-5pm. It is a members-only event which caters for multiples and their families of all ages. Families with twins, triplets or more are welcome to become members on the day.

"This gives families with multiples that all-important opportunity to 'get social' in person and share their experiences", Ms Haddock said.

"The kids will have a ball on jumping castles, participating in Easter-egg hunts, the ever-popular patting paddock and much more." CARMBA is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation comprising of multiple birth families. The organisation provides support, resources and education to multiple birth families from “those who know”. For more information, refer to the CARMBA website

CARMBA can also be contacted through and on Twitter @CARMBA_Twins

EDITOR’S NOTE: To arrange an interview or photo opportunity with a family or to attend the Fun Day, please contact:

Karen Stewart-Moore
CARMBA Media Liaison
Mobile: 0419 212 642