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Media Release - 11 April 2012

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA) and Tuggeranong Men’s Shed (TMS) connect

Australian volunteers contribute more than 700 million hours of community service to many areas of society. Fund raising is a crucial part but when the organisation supports parents of multiples who tend to be ‘time poor’ finding volunteers to run a fund raising BBQ is hard. That’s why CARMBA have connected with TMS to assist with a BBQ being held on Sunday 15 April at Bunning’s Tuggeranong. Not only are TMS happy to assist with the roster they have been willing to give advice and support in preparing for the BBQ to CARMBA.

Media Release - 28 March 2012

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA)

Children’s Clothing Swap – 31 March 2012

Anyone with children will tell you they either grow out of or destroy their clothes at an alarming rate. In this day of economical and environmental concerns it is important to do what you can for the wallet and carbon footprint. CARMBA are running their second Children’s Clothing Swap where members of the public can swap their pre loved children’s clothing for ‘new-to-you’ clothes. Last year’s clothing swap saw over two thousand items of clothing dropped off for swap or purchase and this year the collection is looking even bigger!

Media Release

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA)

Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW) – 11-18 March 2012

In Australia, multiple births (twins, triplets or more) currently account for approximately 1 in every 80 pregnancies.

Media Release Photo Opportunity

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA)

CARMBA is a support network for parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and expectant or adoptive parents of twins, triplets, or more!

Multiples at the Zoo
Sun Nov 6, 2011, 10 am – 4 pm EST

CARMBA and The National Zoo and Aquarium are hosting multiples at the zoo this Sunday. This event is open to all multiple birth families and we currently have approximately 20 multiple birth families attending. This event was held previously in 2007 and I have attached the press cutting. Both sets of identical twins that were featured in the photograph will be attending on Sunday.

Launch of Water Awareness Program

The Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA), in partnership with the Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre, are launching their Water Awareness Program. The program will commence on 10am Friday 30th of September at the Queanbeyan Aquatic Centre (Campbell Street, Queanbeyan). This is the first program specifically designed to cater for the unique needs of multiple birth children and families. The program with the aid of volunteers will allow parents with multiple birth children to participate in swimming lessons.

Kids Alive Do The Five and The Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA) are calling for volunteers to help families with regular swimming lessons for twins and triplets in the pool.

Swimming lessons can only be given to children if there is an adult in the pool holding each child and this can be impossible for multiple birth families which leaves them at a disadvantage.

Media Release

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA)

Multiples in School Forum

CARMBA is holding a Multiples in Schools Forum for parents and guardians of twins, triplets or more approaching school age. Professionals from a variety of schools and relevant fields will be in attendance to talk about the issues parents and guardians need to consider when preparing for their multiples to start at school.