Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is an organisation of people interested in the promotion and protection of breastfeeding. Amongst these are breastfeeding women and their partners and health professionals such as doctors, lactation consultants and midwives. ABA was founded with the primary aim of giving mother-to-mother support to breastfeeding women. ABA runs breastfeeding education classes in Canberra, what a great resource.

Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) is a not-for-profit organisation comprising of multiple birth families. The organisation provides support, resources and education to multiple birth families. AMBA has a fantastic forum with lots of different topics for families with multiples. AMBA also has a list of useful links.

Twins Research Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, which facilitates and supports medical and scientific studies that involve the participation of twins and or their relatives, and that use the special characteristics of twins to enable questions of health and wellbeing relevant to Australians to be answered in ways that they otherwise could not.

Behavioural Guidance Playgroup run by Communities at Work and faciliated by a professional who can provide you with help and advice on issues such as your children's development or behaviour - Gilmore Family Cottage each Tuesday during school term from 9.30-11.00. Ring Cherie Booker 62936500.

Breastfeeding pillow diagram is a PDF document (41 kB) with dimensions and notes for making a twin breast feeding pillow.

Breastfeeding video - How I Tandem Nursed My Twins

Child and Family Centres - A "one-stop-shop" for FREE friendly support for parents and carers. Maternal and child health nurses, playgroups, therapy, physiotherapy, childhood immunisations, parenting information, counselling, nutrition.

Brindabella Women's Group - social and creative opportunities for women at home with young children.

Child and Youth Services - ACT Health has a great list of Canberra services from Autism to Vision Screening and lots in between.

Child Health

Educating Twins, Triplets and More is a website designed to provide accurate information for parents and professionals about educating multiples.

Eurobodalla Family Support 02 44724907.

Family Assist - The Family Assistance Office has been set up by the Australian Government to give Australian families better access to government services.

Facebook is being used to provide a social media space for CARMBA and it is proving to be a great resource for multiple birth families.

First Aid courses for children are run by St John Ambulance Australia.

Identical Multiples - What's it like to grow up with another you? To share, not only your face – but maybe also your thoughts, your dreams and even your pain? That's a question only identical twins can answer. On SBS's Insight, a group of twins, 22 identical pairs, get together to let us in on the secret. Some twins say they are like two halves of one self; others that they have quite different personalities.

International Society for Twin Studies (ISTS) is an international, nonpolitical, nonprofit, multidisciplinary scientific organization. Its purpose is to further research and public education in all fields related to twins and twin studies, for the mutual benefit of twins and their families and of scientific research in general.

Kidsafe ACT is part of the Child Accident Prevent Foundation of Australia, a charity dedicated to preventing unintentional injury to children. They sell, hire and fit; capsules, car and booster seats. They also sell safety products, baby products, prams etc.

Rear Facing car seat video

La Leche League International provides information on breastfeeding multiples and tandem breastfeeding.

Majura Women's Group is a self-run volunteer organisation providing opportunities for women in Canberra at home with young children to meet and participate in stimulating and creative activities.

Multinet Multiple Birth Association was formed in 2003 to help fill the void of support and information on the raising of multiple birth children once they have left the baby/toddler stage of their development.

Noah's Ark is a not-for profit community organisation which offers a diverse range of play-based early childhood programs and a Toy Library!

Parentlink is designed to increase parents confidence and skills by supporting and linking them with a network of information, ideas and community services.

Playgroup ACT and Playgroup NSW offer informal sessions where parents, carers, babies and children aged 0 to school age come together in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Postnatal Depression - Adjusting to life as a mother can be difficult. In fact, for many women, having a baby is the most significant life-changing event they will ever experience. Adjusting to this major life change, as well as coping with the day-to-day stress of new babies, can make some women more likely to experience depression at this time, particularly if they've experienced depression in the past. Beyond Blue have a great booklet Emotional Health during pregnancy and early parenthood: An information booklet for parents of multiple birth children.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby is a national Australian Government service operated by Healthdirect Australia that provides a range of services that can help Australians in their parenthood journey, from practical advice and resources, to help finding support services. They have pages on types of multiple pregnancies, feeding multiple babies and raising multiple babies. Their services include a video call service with a maternal child health nurse, a helpline for confidential advice, help finding local health services and A-Z general advice on the parenting journey.

Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Family Centre is a postnatal and early childhood primary health service for families with children up to three years of age. The Centre is staffed by an interdisciplinary team including nurses, midwives, mothercraft nurses, counsellor, community development office, medical office and other health professionals visit and are referred to when required. The residential service run at QEII provides an opportunity for you to work through primary health and child behavioural issues that are troubling you.

Raising Children Network is a comprehensive website providing information about parenting including a multiples.

SIDS and Kids Information Statements and details about Safe Sleeping Education Classes.

Tresillian Family Care Centres, Australia's largest child and family health organisation providing expert parenting advice to families during the early years.

Triplet Connection is a network of caring and sharing Multiple-birth Families, they have a fantastic quarterly magazine.

TWINS Magazine is a magazine published 8 times per year covering a wide range of issues about multiples.

Twins and Multiple Birth Association (TAMBA) is the multiple birth association of the United Kingdom.

Women's Information Referral Centre The Minister for Women, Joy Burch MLA launch the ACT Women's Plan 2010-15 on 31 March 2010. The Plan is a strategic framework to assist the ACT Government work with the community to improve the status and lives of women and girls in the ACT.